Re: Latest Catches


Never made it to the saltworks today. I was up half the night watching a crapy movie, then sleeped in. After doing the chores around the house and mucking around it was approaching 11am… So I decided to tidy my car then head south after lunch.

Then my dad asked if I would help him load wood onto the truck from my Nana’s, I reluctantly agreed and we headed off and got back home at 1pm (went home via the scenic route)… After lunch it was 1:30pm and Dad wanted me to help unload the truck.. 2:00pm…. It then took the best part of a hour to tidy my truck which meant it was 3:30pm-ish. I had to get dinner ready at 5:30pm so was not worthwhile to drive 35 minutes to go fishing.

I hoped othere had more luck. I had a look down at the diversion and a few people have caught Red Cod.