Re: Latest Catches


My season… Using all fishing methods.

During the spring I believe I caught a Red Cod surfcasting at the Wairau… Had several trips down to the mouths after sea run trout and KY but mainly only caught small ones. At seaview I caught a couple of fish and a skate. Mid October caught a Sea gull at Kaikouria.

Mid Summer, Caught a 3kg Moki and a couple of rigs. Caught a large tope on New Years eve, and a few days later a big KY from the surf. Got a few dogfish, small tope ect…..

After Xmas I really concentrated on the Kayak fishing and landed a few Snapper and KY. Also Blue cod and gurnard. Shore based fishing for Snapper produced nothing all summer. A few weeks ago the red cod arrived in big numbers so I decided to put the surf rods away.

Had a great night catching Moki at Kaikouria. Had several good nights catching KY on the fly at the diversion. Probably would concentrate on trolling from now on… Maybe a few trips out to the rocks to targer Moki and Butterfish.