Re: Latest Catches


Whats been happening on the coast lately? much if anything at all?
I havnt been out for atleast a couple of months now and havnt really checked out any beaches either. :sad:
At a guess id say the reds are about now and prob a fair number of them? If not they wont be far off.
Gonna have to get out there and stock up on some nice big red fillets for the warmer months.
I cant get over how fast this season has come and now it feels like I wasted the prime shark time.Oh well I cant say I never tried.
Its was a fairly quiet summer for me with not as many half decent sharks as the summer before.
A couple of small Sevengillers and about a dozen Schoolies over 4ft long and a few other bits n pieces was about all I got over the xmas holidays and the 1 or 2 months following.
How did everyone else get on?
Im sorta hangin out to get down to Seaview or Parikawa ways to spend a night under the full moon……..pulling in reds I spose :roll:
Oh well might head into me garage to play with my tackle box now….. :mrgreen: