Re: Latest Catches


I have zero percent faith in these calendars….

A well known fishing calendar was currently hosted on two different sites.. both calendars were by the same person and should be identical….. they were not. Might as well go fishing according to the horoscope. Better still study the Tides and aim to fish change of light….

nah… I am going to read my horoscope.

“Speak up and let your family know where you stand. Your peaceful energy should disarm them, especially if the issue on the table is contentious. Things can be resolved calmly — and quickly, too! Send this page to a friend.”

ummmmm….. ok.

Maybe I would ask the [b:oaxyt8hy]Tarot cards[/b:oaxyt8hy]

“Would this weekend bring good moki fishing?”

[b:oaxyt8hy]Ten of Cups (Satiety)[/b:oaxyt8hy].
[b:oaxyt8hy]Ace of Wands[/b:oaxyt8hy].
[b:oaxyt8hy] The fool[/b:oaxyt8hy]…
[b:oaxyt8hy]Temperance, when reversed[/b:oaxyt8hy].
[b:oaxyt8hy]The Devil[/b:oaxyt8hy]:
[b:oaxyt8hy]. King of Cups, when reversed[/b:oaxyt8hy]
[b:oaxyt8hy]Three of swords (sorrow)[/b:oaxyt8hy]:
[b:oaxyt8hy]Ace of Swords, when reversed[/b:oaxyt8hy]
[b:oaxyt8hy]Five of Swords (Defeat)[/b:oaxyt8hy]:

So the tarot cards say:

I am going to arrive at Kaikouria with a feeling of joy and good fortune, my main obstacle would require a urge of vitality and creativity which would probably be a strange choice of rig but I basically rush the tyeing of it.

Because of my fear of losing my Daiwa Certate, I would set the drag to low. I would be solely targeting a large moki. During the night I would betray and bring sorrow to the others who I am fishing with. I would hook a good moki, but when I tighten the drag it would lead to disastrous results… and eventual defeat.

I really should go to bed. But if anyone else has a Q to ask the Tarot cards please tell me and I would ask them. I would only do a 3 card reading because 9 cards take to long.