Re: Large areas of Sounds could be closed to fishing!


Considering I have done a fair bit of land-based cod fishing in the QC sound I am all for the proposed closures.I would hate to think what happened to the cod numbers over the holidays.However reading the new proposed Blue cod restrictions such as dropping the limit to 2 blue cod per day and a limit of 6 blue cod per boat seems a little stupid.As far as im concerned it should be one or the other,Not both! Either close half of the sounds to all recreational line fishing and leave current blue cod restrictions in place OR leave the sounds open apart from the current closed marine reserves and then make the changes to the blue cod restrictions.I also noticed that long island reserve is not inside the proposed QC closure area.If they were to open this up then it would soon be raped with everyone knowing that it had been closed for however long it was then we would end up being back to square one as far as the long island reserve is concerened.
Also still allowing Wellington fishers a 20 per person limit on blue cod just outside the sounds is bloody ridiculous!
Also I read that the cod we encounter in the sounds come from the breeding stock south of cloudy bay around the cape campbell area because its their eggs that drift into the sounds.Funny thing is the commercial cod-potters target these areas south of cloudy bay! It doesnt take a brain surgeon to work out whats going to happen here.
Sometimes I think all these Fisheries management outfits are doing about as much good as the Department of CONSERVATION with their 1080 programme! :?