Re: landbased game gear


I have seen expensive rods snap…. price is no indication of durability. My two main Snapper rods are both sub $100 rods and have landed big fish and I treat them roughly.

I own many rods…. Can not remember the exact names…

I own a couple of soft tip rods, one a Shimano Raider the other a Ugly stik gold. They are around 8ft and rated 6-10kg or thereabouts. I use them for stray lining off the rocks for snapper. My Snapper reels are a Penn Slammer and a Daiwa certate 4000 . I also own a Kilwelll Rocky II which is a high end soft tip rod, it has a lot of power and good for throwing big heavy baits. I rarely fish it. I also have a expensive high end Kilwelll which also sees very limited use, thats my Kingie rod.

I own four Surfcasters, A OKuma Axeon, Okuma Solaris, Kilwell GGX and a Shimano Backbone. They all cast baits and catch fish….. They are all low end to mid range rods, the backbone resembles a broom stick. My Surf reels are a Shimano 6500b, Tica scepter (or something), Daiwa Emcast, Daiwa emblem pro. The emblem pro is currently broken, waiting for repairs. Funny how the most expensive reel was the first to die….