Re: landbased game gear


Hi Zac

Those are good rods. I’m nicely envious. I used to custom build my surf rods but I can’t be bothered these days. Used to have an old Kilwell two piece rod called a Beach baron, cheap as anything but it landed my first kingfish and a 100 pound shark. It landed so many big fish all the varnish cracked and peeled off it but it still worked.

Rods don’t usually break if you keep your hands low on them fighting a fish. It’s when you grab them too high up that they break. Your reels sound about right. All you need now is a 200kg Seven gill or a big blue. Not sure if you get bronzies this far south but there are other big sharks like porbeagle. I personally think that the South Island is untouched LBG shark heaven.

Somebody is going to land a massive Great White from the beach down here sooner or later. All those seals down here are shark magnets. Wish I wasn’t moving in two weeks or I’d do an extreme LBG trip with you. You’ve got the right gear for the job.