Re: landbased game gear


Surf rods can land big fish. In places like South Africa they use 13-14ft rods to catch bronzies, bull sharks, great whites etc although the rods they use are purpose built and stiff as, not something you can buy over here. I’ve got two South African rods I got off trademe, one is a Loomis Sharkey 9oz 13ft and the other a Poseidon 5 14ft 7oz. I also have a Sonik SK4 14ft 4-7oz which you can buy in NZ. All these rods are low mount like salmon rods but the reels are Daiwa 50 size (2xSaltists and a Sealine) and a Penn Fathom 40. I’ve still caught a lot of my bigger fish on my trustly old Okuma Solaris and Axeon reel but you can notice the lighter drag and less stopping power with the axeon and it can tend to bend the frame under a lot of pressure. All the reels I use for bigger stuff have 500 meters of 50lb braid backing joined to around 200 meters of 30lb mono which gives plenty of line to play with.