Re: landbased game gear


Shimano be good for Kingfish but a bit light on line quantity for serious sharks and really big rays. Especially on sandy beaches where you balloon or deadbait maybe 800 metres to get past the second sand bar and into the main swim channel. I’ve seen sharks spool a Penn 6/0 on the first run so you need a lot of line. I’m talking real big sharks, not schoolies or seven gills.

Mind you Seven Gillers can get huge and I think a 300kg one from the beach would be a whole new game compared to fighting the usual 50 kg ones which are a bit of a gumboot really even though they look cool.

Some of those school sharks put up a really good fight on light surf gear but I have seen them break rods and reels before. Your LBG casting rod and reel is a tricky one. It’s primary use is to catch kahawai and snapper (or cod and rig) while you wait for the livebait to get munched. The problem comes when something big shows up in the berley and the only rod handy (or rigged up) is your casting rod and there’s no time to grab something else.

That’s why pure LBG fishermen tend to go a bit over the top with the casting rod and reel and why they (me included) learn to cast almost exclusively with overhead reels. If you cast with them enough you can do it just by feel, even in the dark, and not get backlash.

The problem with eggbeaters, apart from line capacity and weak gears… is the drags. They’re too small and don’t last five minutes on a big fish unless you get into really expensive reels. The best drags I’ve used are easily Alveys and it’s simple to modify them yourself with more washers.