Re: landbased game gear


Standard LBG gear is a casting rod for catching livebait and a livebait setup. Livebait gear can also be used for large dead baits for sharks.

I have fished LBG almost exclusively for over 20 years. Currently I use any old rod with either a Pro Gear casting reel or an Abu 10,000 CL for catching livebait and anything else small.

MY livebait outfit is a Penn 9/0 Senator on an Omoto LBG stick. I consider that to be marginal for big game sharks. I have used a Penn 16/0 Senator in the past and regularly fished with guys who use 50W and 80W reels (usually Penn Internationals). Even with that gear we tend to lose more big sharks than we land.

I have seen many, many rods broken with people trying to use surfcasters on big fish from land. The rods fold up like a fence staple and put zero pressure on the fish so the owner grabs the rod halfway up and SNAP. As mentioned I have seen dirt cheap rods last the distance and expensive ones break.

More than rods I have seen reels trashed. I’ve seen brand new reels trashed or even blow up (the spool explodes) on a single run. Frequent mishaps are drags fading and even getting fried and gears being stripped. For this reason I don’t normally use eggbeater reels ever, except to catch mullet. I used to use Alvey 651C deep spool reels because you can run 24kg line and still distance cast a big heavy shark bait but I stopped using them after exploding two of them.