Re: land based game fishing canterbury


Pak’n Save have pilchards at the moment. They call them sardines for some reason (hey this is the Southern Hemisphere people…) but they are NZ blue pilchards. The big ones. Up North they’re the number one bait equal with bonito. Second best kingi bait I’ve used and the number one best kahawai bait.

First time I’ve seen them for sale in a supermarket in Timaru. Not particularly cheap but I’ve been buying them up anyway. They also make an absolute killer berley but probably a waste in winter because it’s not a cheap berley.

I’m not sure how experienced at LBG you all are down here because you don’t have the kingis to get you all obsessive. Up North we often spend a shit load on berley then throw it in the sea. It takes a bit of getting used to. Buying $20 worth of pillies or bonito then throwing them in the sea. We also spend an hour or more preparing berley. Cutting pillies and bonito into kahawai bite chunks with scissors. Experience has shown… all other things being equal…. that a killer berley often initiates a boomer fishing trip. We use mash, bread and corn as a filler.

I’m waiting for some time off then I’m going to do a full day berleying the Timaru harbour wharf area with a real chunky berley and put out bottom baits and floaters (and a livie if I can) and just see what… if anything… shows up.