Re: land based game fishing canterbury


I don’t know how to catch Moki. I’ve heard you need small shellfish baits? All my gear is set up for casting big heavy baits off rocks. It’s okay… I expected the fishing to be poor midwinter although that’s when the Red Cod run up north. Not that I fish for red cod but the runs used to bring the barracouta and sharks. June/July the red cod run into the Wanganui Harbour and can be caught off the wharf and the North Mole breakwater swarms with couta and sharks. The runs have got less and less over the years though and sometimes don’t even happen. Possibly the same down here?

I just discovered that seven gill sharks get up to 150 kg plus and 3 metres. I never knew that. I thought they topped out at about two hundred pounds and two metres. I found a picture of a huge one on the internet. I’ve caught a hundred pound one off a beach and I’ve got the photos here of it. Up North they love those steep shingle beaches at night. For the lack of something else to chase in the LBG type of fishing then I thought I might try and deliberately target big seven gill sharks…. strictly catch and release of course. I wouldn’t mind hooking up to a really big one in the 100kg range.

They hit the East Coast beaches on East Cape in November. So I’ve got until October to work out the best shingle beach. They usually have specific areas on a beach that they prefer and seem to hang out more although they do cruise just behind the wave dump line on those really steep beaches (like at ashburton). I used to berley them off a shingle beach with a sack of berley tied to a rope and just thrown into the surf. Several times I’ve had sharks come in and rip the back out of the bag. We used to catch about ten school sharks for every seven giller. I’m hoping you have somewhere similar down here. I know Birdlings Flat has a name for seven gillers but these shingle beaches around Timaru look promising and I’ve heard some of the old fisherman here mumble about certain spots where the big sharks come in on the shingle beaches around Timaru at certain times.

If I get time today I’ll upload some of my shark and stingray and kingi photos… all caught from beach or rocks around NZ North Island. The best shark bait I’ve found so far is fresh… as in just caught… large yellow eye mullet… bigger the better. Whole bonito are great too for really big sharks. There is one bait I’ve found that beats any other bait in NZ for big fish but it’s hard to get. Even up North. I used to get it from a friendly charter boat skipper. I don’t think you can buy it anywhere. That’s flying fish. Big fish go loopy over them. Wait till the bite is on and biff out a whole flying fish and kabang everytime. There’s been many a fishing contest secretly won with a flying fish bait.