Re: land based game fishing canterbury


Great whites have been protected since I think 2008 but knowing where they are and what spots they come close to land you can expect other species of sharks to be there as well. Have always found dead baits to be effective for sharks although haven’t spent a lot of time livebaiting things like kahawai. The problem with livebaiting round these ways is barracouta which will take almost anything under a balloon or float even if it’s dead they just like the movement which makes it hard fishing for kingfish at places like black rock in christchurch when there’s so many couta your baits not in long enough. Fishing baits dead or live under a balloon always has it’s advantages especially if there’s a lot of crabs and smaller sharks around and with a big bait smaller sharks like dogfish usually just avoid it. Wind conditions have to be right though so it’s not always possible, but places like the timaru wharfs you have differrent areas in every direction you can fish from although I’d be more confident fishing for bigger sharks somewhere out of the harbour.

Depending what I’m doing at the end of the year I’d be keen to put in some time fishing around Timaru and a trip further south around Dunedin would be really good just need the info on what spots are fishable cos it’s a big place and I don’t know the area at all.