Re: land based game fishing canterbury


I liked them once rayhunter until I caught some… oops… I mean “hooked” some really big ones. I’d estimate some of the rays around NZ beaches and wharfs at 200kg plus. They wreck everything and they’re uncatchable. Yes I have some photos too of big sharks and rays caught LBG that I will put up and heaps of kingis. I used to use all Alvey gear but I’ve switched to Otomo LBG rod and a Pro Gear 541 with 350 metres 15kg. I’m going to try targeting barracouta with live mullet and then try a couta under a balloon for the hell of it. Hoping to attract a big shark of some species. I wonder what a dog shark would be like as a live bait?

I’m not trying to boast that I’m a great fisherman either. It’s not hard to catch big fish when you live on East Cape like I used to. So far in the South Island I’ve caught two mullet on a sabiki rig so i’m not doing well. I hate sinkers so I miss all the bottom feeding fish. I mostly just berley and stray line into it until I can get a live fish out under a balloon.