Re: land based game fishing canterbury


Hey Zac

I’ve found rays to be one of the easiest big fish in the world to hook. Just a few simple steps to catch them. Use HUGE baits that will be too big for any other fish except a shark. Then the bait can just sit there all day on the bottom oozing out a trail. Berley attracts rays like bees to honey. If you’re truly serious about wanting to catch a table top then fish at night. Big rays move into shallow bays at night where the water has warmed up during the day. They’ll go right up into knee deep water and sit there at night. Caroline Bay is probably perfect for a big ray after dark warming itself in the shallows. Every potential LBGer should hook at least one giant ray in their lifetime just so they know why we hate catching them so much. It’s like catching a Volkswagen that goes and parks on the bottom and puts on the handbrake. There’s really very little difference between catching a big ray and being hopelessly snagged on the bottom. Lol.