Re: land based game fishing canterbury


IMO one would not even try to land any large shark while rock fishing. Would be a quick photo and release. Would want long handle wire cutters.

Kingfish are more common around Canturbury then Snapper seem to be… So using my logic they should be more likely to caught around Timaru assuming the warm water gets close enough to shore.

Even up in Marlborough it can be tricky to get good numbers of KY into a berely trail. The trawlers all but overfished them. Using mullet for burley is probably the best idea, Salmon/Trout also make good berley but they can be time consuming to catch. I personally purchase 5kg Salmon Berley bombs, can be gotten for aound $11 in a few stores in Nelson, have recently started to see a few frozen whole Bonito in Blenheim stores so they might one day become avaiable further south.

[quote:3lww95et] There must be something at the top of the foodchain cruising that harbour area because the mullet in the berley are spooky.