Re: land based game fishing canterbury


Winter isnt the best time to start fishing down in timaru but it has potential over summer. Big short-tail rays up to and maybe over 200kg are in the area although for some reason I’ve only managed one smaller one off the wharf, heard of a 200kg+ one washing up on the beach at caroline bay. Also heard stories of nets being destroyed by sharks at caroline bay but that could just be seven gillers which would be pretty common around there. As for snapper there was a small one caught at jacks point just south of Timaru last season although a very rare catch. I wouldn’t be confident about kingfish being that far south though but you just never know as I guess people don’t spend time out there targeting them.

The dunedin area looks really promising for shark fishing with threshers, makos, blues, porbeagles, great whites and seven gillers all offshore. Apparently they used to catch makos land based off the rocks somewhere around there. They also have shark nets at the beaches and apparently most of the catch in those are seven gillers and threshers.

Your post got me thinking up plans for summer and there’s so many places to fish around the south island just gotta find the right places and time to fish them. Some of those pretty extreme rock fishing spots down south probably have a lot of potential but not sure how you’d go about landing a big fish once you hook it and it’s not somewhere to fish alone.