Re: land based game fishing canterbury


I’d be keen although haven’t explored around banks peninsula yet but i’m sure there’s a few places that would produce kingfish, just not a fan of walking long distances with lots of gear. Lots of those places off the rocks are bad for snags so hard to fish a bait on the bottom and to fish baits under a balloon or float the wind needs to be right. Lots of places around lyttelton that you can go for short-tail rays that could be over 200kg and the eagle rays could be around there over the next few months. Wouldn’t surprise me if some bigger species of sharks hang around lyttelton waters maybe even kingfish in some areas.

Got most the reels I use spooled with 500 meters of 50lb braid with my 30lb mainline on top and 80 – 100lb shockleaders and plenty of wire traces.