Re: Lake Ruataniwha canals


Do i dare tell you the deep dark secret of bully catching???
Ofcourse lol.

You have probably seen those butterfly nets at the warehouse and the like well they are useless, heres how you do it, you buy a large mosquito net the ones with the plastic/metal ring around the top and the nettting hanging down, you then on the top end of the net [the circle bit] cut out the netting Leaving the circle ring in place [this is where the bullies will enter] then tie a knot in the tube of netting aprox a metre from the circle ring.

Then cut off any excess netting and you have a large bully net. [or you can buy a $70 dollar whtebait…]

How to catch bullies:

You need to people for this to work.

First one person holds the net and slowly quietly enters the water….
The other enters the water maybe 2 metres away again slowly and quietly then you start mucking they start mucking up the water around the and scare the bullies into the net, while slowly getting closer to the net.

Then scoop the net through the muddy water, in case of stary bullies and take the net out of the water, you will hopefully see some big bullies.

If not keep trying, the bigger the better, they survive better and more appeal to fish

I find the best place is down by the dam past the salmon farm which is just out of twizel, for catching bullies, and trout and salmon!

Keep bully out of water for minimal time possible, store mine in a water bottle, and refresh the water often othewhys the will die.