Re: ky fishing at the waimak mouth

shark slayer

no offence but silly questions like this are repeated all over forums,facebook etc all the time..were can i catch this?are these fish at this place at the,moment?its summer kahawai feed hard at the mouths when conditions are go to the ecan site and check the flow..oh its looking mint will head down for a shot..cant figure out conditions for yourself?well you dont deserve to catch then..sites especially Facebook put unnecessary pressure on fisherys and get in the way of natural dumb to figure it out yourself or go down and try without being told the fish are there then you dont deserve to catch cos you aint a fisherman..classic example of how shit loud mouths can be..i have fished the hurunui a handfull of times this year..first few times almost no one there..then some dickhead caught a bag limit in the gut and put it strait on facebook..the next day a mate was there and 40 people were fishing including the complete fuckwit you go from almost no one to 40 people in 12 hours thanx to someone with a need to show off and no foresight..its funny tho they all blanked as the fishing there is actually slow atm and flocked back to the rakaia/rangitata..yes there are kahawai at the mak of course..but thanks to the complete fuckwit publicising it its being hammered.. bag limits there need reducing as you also have half of manila there.. fuck facebook and especially the complete fuckwit and southern wa nking sites…. 8) …ss