Re: ky fishing at the waimak mouth

shark slayer

carpet shark layer?haha thats about as slow witted and lame as having a forum plug kris when your name is chris..your definitely descended from not even going to bother debating points with you because you aint up to it and it will just be pointless and boring..its funny how everytime i bag facebook one of you come on here and cry but yet you never add value to the forum just watch on from a distance incase there is any info you can take.. but only come on and say something when i attack fagbook because you know im right and it gets to you because you are one of those sheep that have jumped on the fad fishing wagon on facebook wich is essentially a bunch of chch dickheads that think they are cool..why dont you try and give an intelligent response defending facebook explaining exactly how it is not having a negative impact on fisherys and there is not a large amount of idiots that ask where when why how do i catch this and are they there today and then go plague spots up..perhaps cos you know it to be true?it would of been hard for me to give a day to day account of the hurunui last season considering i did 10 days there last year..i did put info up tho for some of the real fisherman on here on a publicly obscure dedicated fishing site and it was mid season when most where thrashi.g the mak,rangi.rakaia and therw wernt many fishing because the salmon where “small” will notice no one was going..what lure,what side what time are they there today can i use bait..facebook is way to public amd has to many dipshits on there..this season is a year to keep quite be smart and put photos up no need to say sure malcolm and his followers will do there best to fuck things for everyone.. cheers croozer totally got my point exactly..cheers csl…carpet shark layer… :lol: