Re: kite fishing


I used one of these kite late at night in the back yard when living on 1.5 acres in Parklands , dropping empty beer cans onto the roof of a cops house way way down the road lmao …..I’d love to been a fly on the wall …..

I had the early model , quite heavy material etc ….

If anyone wants to try a similar method , a smaller wind sock type kite with a clothes peg as a dropper trigger works quite well …
You run the mainline from the reel thru one leg of the peg and attach to the other leg ….. a line attached to the first leg runs thru the opposte leg to the kite …..Id advise having a safety loop around this setup in case the setup breaks ….you wrap the pinching end of the peg in rubberband , the number of loops is dictated by the wind strength

Use your surfcaster , with a ledger rig setup but put an extra dropper loop above the top hook , this clips inside the peg ….and send it seaward …..

Simply give the kiteline a sharp tug to briefly open the peg , dropping you baits into the sea as far out as you dare send it …… the advent of braid would be perfect as kiteline for this setup …..

David and I were experimenting with upside down parashutes hanging on the kiteline last time I saw him …. they actually pull downwards , and counter the lift of the kite …. this way we could restrict how high the casting / sock kite would climb … we were playing with valcro rather than safety lines as well ….all ideas we were keeping from that idea pinching Dave Barnes from up North ….

Someone might get some ideas from the above ….have fun