Re: kite fishing


Here is a picture of another of Dave Bottino’s line climbers. This is the heavier version for use in very strong winds.
Very interesting about the lost, and retrieved, torpedo. I guess quite a few have probably been lost over the years.
I once watched as a bloke launch his torpedo towing a long-line at South Rakaia. The sea was quite flat with hardly any surf. The torpedo would not have been 10m from shore when it dived beneath the surface. The orange flag on the top disappeared like a submarine periscope. The bloke had a look of utter shock on his face declaring it had never done that before. He was certain the line must have broken. After a very long minute or so it popped up about 50m along the beach. There must have been a very powerful rip that had carried it along the beach instead of taking it straight out off the beach. Not what he had expected considering how calm the sea was!