Re: kite fishing


I spent a few years kite fishing not long after the craze began …..

Nov – March are pretty much the only months worth fishing down here ….. maybe a few weeks either side ……all turns to custard outside those months …

I found the bottom longline was too hard to work with ……especially with the rips etc we get

The dropper rig was the go , but it needs loads of weight to keep it anchored …. kite just doesnt stop pulling huh …..
Elephant fish seem pretty timid and they didnt grab a moving bait , so 1 fish per set was the norm , and with the kite constantly moving the rig about , its hard going ..

It’s way more fun , and you catch way more fish if you use a rod off the beach , first few hours of daylight , and the last few hours , or in the dark of course ….

I did catch a few fish off the west coast , water is warmer over there , but once again , the surf and rips are an issue …

I’d give serious consideration to changing your name to Rod Fisherman …….kites are a north island toy , and have been way way superceeded by the ocean raping Torpedoes