Re: Kids fishing locations in Canterbury ????


Thanks guys might try the smaller Canterbury rivers in the city then.
Have tried the Pier but last time I was there we were setting up and there were Asians ( and no I am not racist ) on all the rails catching fish ( dogfish to me ) and crabs .Kicking the landed fish all round the Pier , no killing of the fish just leaving it to drown out of water .Needless to say the kids did not enjoy seeing Dad telling this mob to get their act together and stop behaving so badly in a public place ( there were tourists with cameras etc all over the pier too – except the end where this lot had taken up residence) so we left and have never been back.

Be great if there were still wharfs available to fish from for kids – like in Timaru and Dunedin etc . They don’t care what they catch at a young age , they just wanna catch fish .