Re: kiakoura wharf


Hey Zac, went up there but by time arrived in kai the southerly hit hard just after getting the rods out so was no chance to fish off the wharf.but kids got a couple small fish so was good to see them have a good time.
packed up and went north almost near blenheim to try for a fish or a giller but sea was getting rough up near mangamanu then found a nice place i wanted to try but couldnt fine anywhere to park safely .would love to go try again when there weather was sunny and hot.

thinking of heading down to rangitata this sat to get onto a few gillers as colin down there in the camp ground said is lots hanging around lately.

the kids caught a tiny wee fish,looked dark brown with tiny wee teeth,thought it may of been a rock cod or some kind of cod as had the fins on its back.

other one they caught was a very different one,never see anything like it before,had awesome colours .like a few lines thru it .any ideas ?