Re: Kermit green for spinners


lol mate, it’s funny how people think that the green is the key? my best season ever was 4yrs ago and all 20 fish took plain silver!! I only paint them to save money by not having to purchase brand spankers all the time. A chap I know uses nothing but black and catches all his fish on that colour! it’s not the colour of the spinner it’s how you fish it that counts.White, silver, black or yellow they all work at times.I had never caught a fish on a painted spinner until last season!! so all my fish b4 then were taken on plain silver except for my ticers which I always purchase in silver and green, a green that is way duller than mine!! I tell chaps on the river if you struggle to catch salmon on a shinny silver spinner then you will still struggle with the the painted ones too. There is a russian who fishes the waimak mouth every day using a plain silver zeddie, he would catch more out there than any one else I see, he keeps a rag and some silver polish in is coat and shines his zeddie several times during the day to make it stand out among all the that guy catches some fish!! :roll: