Re: Kayak Fishing Canterbury

Jones Jr.

Trumpeter and Teraki? That sounds pretty cool, no I’ve only been out there once. Just kept getting heaps of dogfish! However if you did get onto a rocky bottom then different species would show up but little wrasse weren’t exactly desirable.

I’ve got a LINZ map of Bank’s Peninsula, it’s shows the depths but reefs? I tried navigating on that link you gave me, I’ve found maps of Bank’s Peninsula with some depths but I can’t see reefs. Could you point it out for me? A link perhaps?

Thanks heaps!

It’s good that the cost of petrol is going down cos my boat suck gas like no tomorrow! 25 to 30 Litres an hour, gee! That’s another advantage of a Kayak! Wont be long till I’m buying one! lol, once I’ve paid off the remainder of the boat which shouldn’t be too long haha. Would be interesting to come along to one of your meetings perhaps.