Re: Kayak Fishing Canterbury

Jones Jr.

Thanks for the post Yakkaman.

I don’t have a Kayak but a boat I have to tow round on a trailer. Could only launch at Akaroa which is the closest spot to Te Oka, spose that’s an advantage of a kayak!

I could motor round from Akaroa to Te Oka bay but the swell rarely seems favorable, always pumping in from the south. A 1 metre swell seems the best I could hope for at times which would be fine. Interesting report re the trumpeter and blue cod, maybe there are spots close to Bank’s Peninsula worth fishing. I had this idea in my head it wasn’t worth trying anywhere in close, maybe I’ll have to talk to some people and give it a good go sometime.

I went out to the Akaroa heads and had a fish as Shark_Tale (steve) mentioned on another thread, wasn’t much on offer though. Just dogfish, some smallish red cod. And two tiny blue cod. Hmmm….