Re: Kayak Fishing

Johnson Outdoors
( Designers of the Ocean Kayak Prowler Range & others)


New Zealand’s
Kayak Fishing Guru
Canterbury Kayak Fishing Club

6:00 pm, Thursday 5th August

PaddlerZone – FREE entry
Everyone welcome – Bring a chair
2-7 Pilgrim Place, Christchurch ( see for a map )

There are two names that are known in all the Kiwi Kayak Fishing arenas, two people that do the most for the sport of kayak fishing in New Zealand – from holding seminars to running competitions and other events to television shows about kayak fishing, to simply winning event after event after event. They use and test the latest and greatest gear available – so they know if it works from first hand experience. Shamus is one of those two people.

Shamus is well known on the Kayak Fishing Circuit for his exploits over the last 14 years and his background as an entertainer, makes for pretty interesting discussions.
Come and listen to his techniques and tips and pick his brains.