Re: Karamea or Haast


yea gentle annieis good onthe north side of the mokinuhi(spelling) river a good trout river. can also catch kaiwhai flounder and mullet inthe mouth. along with conger eels snapper gurnard elephant fish school sharks rig doggies mullet and kaiwhai. i remember a few years back i got a huge kaiwhai. and i mean huge like i didnt even think they would come this big it was a animal. they have a fishing comp here every year run by the pub onthe south side which a while back burnt down un sure it its rebuilt yet and the comp runs for about 10days freesh and salt water. had my name on the leader board for about 6 days straight for kaiwhai good comp cant remember prizes but rather cheap to enter as well and the area for fishing i believe i to the top of gentle annie to some where way down south like 20km or something like that caught quite alot of flunder in the mouth there on rod and reel along with kaiwhai and loads of mullet.hope to get back there again sometime soon.