Long, probably shallow sand Surf Beaches. Being the WestCoast it is often rough. When I fished it the sea was big and I had to make long casts to get into water stable enough so the wave action would not continue washing up my break out sinker. I was there for over 4 days and only 1 day was the sea calm enough for surfcasting.

Being a sand beach rather then stone, you could get away with thinner line which would give extra casting distance. There is a couple of rocky points (Fishermans point near scotts beach) further to the north, it requires a easy 30-40 minute walk down the start of the hephy, there is one small hill.

The Karamea river mouth is quite a walk from the car park….

From what I have seen I would rate Gentle Annie above Karamea, mainly because the river mouth is only a 1 minute walk from the campground.

I also would rate golden bay, tasman bay and the sounds over the westcoast beaches. Mainly because the sea is much calmer and it is safe to swim off many of the beaches.