Re: Kaikouria Surfcasting compeition.


Yea i was down at the comp today too, caught up with mili. The gurnard that was caught was a rather fine specimen, i was talking to the boy at the time he caught and reeled it in it weighed 1.55kg not bad at all (crayfish was the bait), there were all up 16 fish caught and this boy caught three of them a big mullet, a good kahawai and the Gurnard, they were fishing the southernmost point of the comp and i was right in front of the helipad.
On the other side of me there was a nice stingray caught which got second place (i help get it out of the surf for the guy who was reeling it in (squid was the bait).
I only managed one small Kahawai (800grams), the interesting thing being that there were several fish caught all at the same time and then basically nothing for the rest of the day down that end of the beach. Firstly was the gurnard then i pulled in the small kahawai, then another kahawai just up the beach at the same time the stingray was being delt to; all this happening within five minutes at 11.35am. Interesting part here is it was right on the lowtide and also going by the bite time book which had it at approx 11.40 am so there maybe something to it or just pure coincidence.
Interesting to see there were two moki caught and mili caught that wrasse, must show theres some rocks near by there somewhere, just need to pinpoint where for future reference. There were several Rig caught during the day most going to junior members and i think more to the sawmill end. At this end too there were some skates/stinrays getting hooked up and lost, one guy thought one for over an hour before the tackle finally broke in the breakers.

Got rather wet at the end of the day and had to retrieve both my rods from the surf when a big ground swell swept way up the beach and caught us all out and i was scrambling to get all my other stuff before it headed seawards too so that was a bit of a bugger but entertaining all the same no harm done luckily.