Re: Kaikouria Surfcasting compeition.


Just gotten back from the comp.

The weather was pleasant to my surprise. The sea was calm but with increasingly large swells.

Firstly a overview, the fishing was slow for everyone. Rays took out the main prizes, then a selection of doggies, Red Cod, Moki and KY were also caught. In total around 15 fish were caught I believe.

In my opinion the catch of the day was a Gurnard. Should of been given a bonus prize for being the only eatable fish caught all day, It was caught by a junior angler I believe.

I managed a small wrasse which was worth $50.00, and lost what I think was a KY in the surf. Something was hiting my Crab baits hard and I quickly run low on them…

The guy who caught the Moki put my number down on his fish :roll: (could of gotten 3rd or 4th prize for free) , Knew it was not my fish so told the person giving out the prizes and it was given to the correct angler in the end.

In all a nice day, just need to refine my tactics for next time.