Re: Kaikoura in april/may …??? Milwolf ??


went to kaikoura 2 weeks ago , i go up by why-papa bay. got there on firday about 6.30 got unloaded with my caravan and tinny and loaded up the boat with 3 cray pots and rods and then headed off, set the pots and went for a fish, got 1 sea pearch got back in at 8.30.. up sat morn and went and checked my pots 1st one nothing 2nd one broke my rope half way up,said a few words then went to lift the 3rd pot half way up my knots must of come undone as all i got was my rope back.. said alot more f… words and went out to fish , tied up to some pots out on one off the reefs that i fish on,, so all up for satday fishing 10hrs got 8blue cod biggest 44cm 1 big conger approx 7-8kg and about 9 dogs, sunday morn checked my only pot nothing so pulled it up and went for a fish, out to the reefs and got 3 blues 1 small conger and dogs and 2 parrot fish so moved to other boys and tied up to , after about 15 mins i got some blue cod then bang pulling them up 2 at a time for about 10 mins some under size but most about 36-38cm then i got one that i thought was a dog fish, it put up a good fight then when i got it up it was a bluey went 47cm biggest one i have ever caught,,early on i pulled up a small blue on top bait and a cray on the bottom but just as the cray came out of the water it fell off..but later i hooked other and got it in the boat was just leagle size so got my 10 cod on sunday , so came home happy with a good feed of fish, pissed of about the pots but thats fishing. so put the tinny away for winter and wait for whitebait season..