Re: Kaikoura fishing regulations submissions


Recreational take from setnets along the coast took way more than surfcasters ever did …..the fishing has improved out of sight over the last few years with the net ban …

15yrs ago you couldnt catch an elephant fish or rig off Amberly …..the setnets had wiped them out ….

Spencer park is a good example also , 10yrs ago a brace of ele’s was a great outing … you can rock down there during the day and take 2-3 home ….

1 guy I recall down there years ago used to drive along the beach in a converted Holden 4wd , and tow a net out with a canoe …..he’d be back the next day with 5-6 family members , and take everything they possibly could …… this was 2-3 times a week ….

GPS data on trawlers is a worthwhile idea , keep them 4miles offshore …… no need to ban them , but we MUST keep the setnets from returning