Re: ID THIS fish

Fishy Bishy

Sea Perch, Jock Stewarts, JockStraps, SoldierFish or Scarpies as they are referred to in the north, nevermind the names for them, are excellent eating.

Easy to handle by holding the bottom jaw, no teeth.

Just watch those spikes when filleting.
Also, MOST important, these should not be confused with the Pink and White banded species of similar appearance as they are poisonous and [b:39lq0c35]will hurt you [/b:39lq0c35]if you cop a spike!

The flesh is similar texture to Blue Cod, yet not quite as white when cooked.
Cooked straight onto a BBQ hotplate with some oil and garlic…just delishimo!

Heaps of them off Motunau and Kaikoura, hell I’d be happy with a binful for the freezer. Noice!