Re: How far can you cast?


When I think about it, the only time I do distance casts is when fishing in NW nelson. The beaches are basically flat there and requires a extremely long distance to get the bait into reasonably deep water. It basically required wading out 50m, then doing a full powered cast to get the bait into the swells.

Might head down to one of the paddocks one evening to see how far I can easily cast with the surf rods. Only ever measured my trout rods previously because distance can be everything when fishing wide rivers.

Update. Went out to do a few casts… Decided to use my Kilwell GGX and a emcast sport reel with 20lb line and a 5oz sinker.

First cast just a overhead thump went about 85m, Second cast I stuffed up a OTG cast and it flew off to the side into a vineyard… It went 102m down the vineyard headland, but was unable to measure the diagonal flight distance. So might have been around 110m. Lost the sinker retrieving it through the grapes so did not try my other rods. :roll: Every-time I go out to measure casting distance I end up losing my weight :| Might head up to the Onamalutu domain one calm evening and have a proper measure.