Re: How far can you cast?


When fishing the shallow beaches here is Cantabury , I can assure you distance can be everything …..especially during the day …..
Even on some deeper beaches if the sea if rough , with lots of crap in the water , if you cant get your line above the breaking wave you may as well pack up and go home …..
That said , at times fishing your feet is very rewarding , but without having distance as an option your are handicapping yourself a heap …..

The kids and I have won thousands of dollars worth of prizes at fishing comps , and have quite a trophy cabinet….a few we won in the wash , but most were taken way way out …Good thing I can cast for them lol ……..

I’m not confident loading a rod to cast with a freespool ….I can understand how a freespool could way way outcast an eggbeater , but the mess of an overrun would be horrendous when chasing 200mtrs plus …..and in the dark ? nah !!!!!

In still conditions , with a single bait 130-140 mtrs would be about my limit ….
2 baits and tailwind , similar distances I guess …….maybe a little more …..

Upper body strength helps , and timing / technique ….. but the gear you use makes a huge difference ….
I would almost bet money that I could make a few tweaks to your gear and increase your distance by 50% …..using an eggbeater reel

The first tweak involves moving eyes on your rod…..the other 2 are simple , and will give you total confidence to load into your cast 100% without risking a snapoff …..
If anyone is interested , just ask and I’ll type it out lol ……