Re: How far can you cast?


I’ve been fishing braid for about 3 years and have found it great, mostly over sand and in light surf only and haven’t had any problems with breakages.
The key is to choose a quality braid designed for casting, this will help ensure you don’t have problems with twisting or “wind knots” . Also don’t try it with freespool reels it digs in something chronic if you get a birdsnest. Probably wouldn’t recommend it if you are fishing mostly on steep shelving beaches or in heavy surf over stones.
I have an axeon, one spool spooled with 10kg mono and a 50lb shockie. The other spooled with 300yds of 50lb suffix performance braid over 200 yds of 20lb mono. I’d recommend at least 300yds of braid as you can easily cast off all of a 150yd spool with a decent OTG cast.
The bite sensitivity and hook up rates on braid are exceptional.