Re: How far can you cast?

Fishy Bishy

Hi David, The first thing I’d be doing is remove the 25lb line and use about 17 to 20lb line with your shock leader in front. Reduce the shock leader length to about twice your rod length.
The smaller diameter line will flow better, and perhaps bait presentation may he hindering you too al little.
The reel may need a service if it is an “old” one from Dads archives, may not help the distance but will keep it going when the fish come more frequent.
The rod may be a softer action rod I am suspecting so try a 4oz breakout and allow the rod to load up and deliver but the 6oz may be overloading it creating extra flex or “rebound” which does have an affect on distance.
You won’t need such a heavy weight to pull the lighter line out.
Just a couple of wee ideas from an ordinary fisho, but realistically, Yeahnah is the man that will be able to troubleshoot you more accurately.
Like your signature mate, 32 Mullet is a shiteload of bait! (LOL)