Re: How far can you cast?


For the distance nutters out there .
There is a casting comp coming up on the 27th of feb next year at rotorua racecourse.
Its a full distance only comp ____ NO acuraccy casting

You have to cast three weights out of the four available weights 3 4 5 and 6oz the choice of which three ( or all of them ) is up to the caster .
Only the best three casts will be recorded .

The different weights have different line classes .
3 oz uses .25 line and a .65 dia leader or braid.
4oz = .28 line & .65 or braid
5oz = .30 line & .75 “”
6oz = .35 line & .75 “”

Those are minimum classes you can cast ALL of the weights on the .35 line or 3 4 and 5 on .30 line obviously there’s a benefit to using lighter lines with the lighter leads.
Pm me if you want any more info.The nzaca should have the info out to the clubs soon