Re: Holiday Fishing


btw Daren – be careful/sensible/respectful where you stay and what you get up to in your campervan. Kiwis have had a gut full of “tourists behaving badly” in their vans. Google something like “facility free vans NZ” for advice on what is/isn’t acceptable. Advice for fishing over here is exactly the same as in the UK – get to where you want to fish and head for the pub. The locals will ignore you and act dumb when you start talking about fishing and advice. After a couple of pints though, you’ll have more help than any guide book :) I went for a few days fishing a few hours away from here with my boy once. The pub/pints trick worked and we even had the landlord spilling the beans and bet my boy that he couldn’t catch a bigger trout than him in the morning. We rolled up at the pub the next day with boy holding a 4lb brown and the landlord kept to his work and provided many bags of crisps (that’s chips to Kiwi)! Funny thing was he didn’t catch the fish, another local gave it to him. If you’re passing through Christchurch and ply me with a pint or 2, I might even be persuaded to spill those beans – they are a dead cert way to catch Salmon & Trout at that place. Gerald