Re: Holiday Fishing


Hi Daren, Spent many an hour chasing pike or watching floats bobble in UK – been over here 9 years now. What advice you need depends very much on which of the islands you’re visiting in NZ. For Kingfish, the North Island is – well – king. There’s not many down here in the South Island. You’d probably be better off on a charter but the fishing progs on tele are always showing people “up north” standing on a rock spinning (silvery lure retrieved very quickly?) for Kahawai that would be a great ‘keeper’ – just to stick them out under a balloon and hook into a huge kingfish. What they can’t offer on the NI though is the chance to stand at a river mouth spinning for Salmon – which in March especially is prime time Salmon season here in the SI. To fish like this in UK would cost you thousands – but here its public, all you need is a licence. Spinning in rivers, lakes and canals for (land locked) Salmon and Trout is also exceptional here in NZ – be careful though some waters are fly only – check the booklet you get with your licence. Gerald.