Re: Here At Last


gidday mate..yup there is a report about genle annie in the threads somewhere..anyway we had a wow of a time with good fish{kahawai} everywhere..yup theres a spare place here for ya camper..and I failed art at school..aparently thats a pre-requiste..My origins are (family way back)the west coast-Fiordland Martins bay-si I love the coast -mate of mine whos a fly tie man and artist in Temuka was born near you in Denniston…jeeeez papamoa thats full of dorklanders!!good luck..I spent my first 7 years of my life at waihi beach just down the road..and most of my life chasing the reds and yellows around the north..heres a piccy of one of YOUR fish from above westport(G/Annie)!Yup Milli does a good job..Zac and Fish4pot seem to keep me in line…be good to catch up soon..aint had my hand slapped too hard yet! :grin: