Re: Hatchery Fish & Precocious Jacks.


research overseas has shown that precocious jacks are not detrimental to salmon fisheries , it natures way of ensuring survival. some precocious jacks in the northern hemisphere never go to sea and are about 200mm in size but their progeny size is not restricted because of this. some almost of f&g releases are finned clipped silverstream do release their surplus stock that are generally smaller when released so have a lower survival rate. f&g are releasing smolt from both silverstream and peacock springs and have for the last 3 years and doubled the amount of releases and therefore double in theory the returns. the small size is because they are 2year fish there should be large ones next year as a 10lb 2year should double in size as a 3 year depending on food. have wondered if the quakes 3yrs ago have had an effect on the spawning wild fish and is causing a lack of 3 year fish this year. the other thing is I personally think that precocious jacks are the best eating salmon. another thing surplus stock from silverstream are 95% female as that’s what fish farms want.