Alive and well, liver seems to be functioning okay. Was a bit munted after my last trip to Badlings Flat.
A single malt with coke is a sacrilige. Lining up a trip over, more than likely Jan. Anyway you are off to Port Somewhere soon, if I recall correctly. Snapper have arrived here, but I havent caught one yet. But soon eh.

Wish we had Eles here in Westport, but alas. But I have a new mission. Catching a flounder, well not one but many, on a rod. Rigs are made. Did try to Pm you Master Badlings, but didn’t work. Gee you are lucky living on coastal natures doorstep, Moki, Rig, Eles. And even sunfish. Say hi to the Sprat for me and tell him I have been practicing ” Knuckles” for a return event.

Will bring my own plastic bags, allow me your work bench arty farty person and I will create a master piece.
I did get School Cert in art you know. And I have been studying your technique, I did have to slow it down tho.

Can I bring a Deep Purple CD, Cagun is okay, but I do better work to heavy rock. Not that you have many heavy rocks out there in the Badlands. Bloody pepples really. Hell I might even bring you some real rocks, so you know what they look like.

Cheers Hardy aka Trev