Re: Gears needed for salmon fishing.


The waitaki is a mammoth river with a huge volume of water flowing down it, this can make locating fish difficult compared to the rakaia and waimak.It also suffers from didymo infestation which is a serious nuisance for salmon anglers down that way. Being so large and treacherous to wade makes having access to a jet boat a big advantage, personally I don’t enjoy fishing this river. You will be surprised just how warm these large braided rivers can get during summer months, with so many shallow,unshaded sections of riverbed spread out along 120km it doesn’t take long for things to heat up. However,early morning is a different story with the temp having dropped during the night, this leeds to increased fish activity for the cold water craving salmon until about 10am, but also makes having waders wise..then things generally go quiet until evening. As I said before, fishing the rakaia,waitaki and rangitata rivers requires more angling nous to be consistently successful, whereas the waimak mouth favours the beginner more. Salmon fishing can be a very unforgiving form of angling and even the top fishermen can go weeks without touching a fish, so it is best to maximise your chances by fishing the areas where fish will be getting caught in good numbers!!..good luck :grin: