Kaikoura Sevengiller Released

A quick photograph on the beach.

Then released to grow a bit bigger.
Here is a small sevengiller I caught at Kaikoura behind the Whaleway Station. I have caught quite a few sevengill sharks over the years. They come in very close to the beaches and rocks in search of food. I caught quite a big one once at Taylors Mistake. They will eat just about anything they can find including small baited hooks. They will also take large bites out of one another when hooked at sea from a boat. In the past I have kept them as food. The big ones over 8 feet are a bit tough. On cutting them open I have found all sorts of things inside them including bits of dead seals, dolphins, whole salmon, along with small baitfish and red cod. Nowadays I usually release them. They are not particularly strong fighters. Big sevengillers hooked in the surf will certainly pull off line. Their weight alone means you have to take your time when bringing them in. Allow wave action to carry them up the beach.
When releasing them you have to be careful because they can twist around on the beach and inflict a vicious bite. A mate of mine was bitten on the leg by a sevengiller at Nape Nape many years ago. Decades ago you could catch a big sevengiller during the South Island Surfcasting Champs at Nape Nape only to discover you hadn’t won the contests for the biggest fish because someone further down the beach had caught a heavier one!