Re: fresh water crays


I realise this is an old post but its some thing I actually can offer advice on and its a cheap and easy method, when i was a kid (and not so little kid :) )all we used to use in creeks and stream was a old brown cloth sack (what potatos used to come in) use number 8 wire and thread it thru the opening to make a hoop. use bailing twine or similer and tie a couple of dog tucker chops in the bottom, add a couple of stones for weight and tie a rope/wire to the hoop so it doesnt get washed away, chuck it in a slower moving part of the creek stream and leave for a couple of days. The crawlies seem to stay in or around the bag, so when you check it if the water is shallow be prepared for the odd one to be under or on the sack. Also be aware that eels also end up hiding in the bag :)